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Family Law

Dedicated Virginia Beach Family Lawyers Help Resolve Difficult Issues

Skilled Virginia attorneys handle matrimonial and parenting matters

At Ernest Law Group, PLC in Virginia Beach, we value family relationships and strive to protect the rights of spouses and parents in all types of household legal matters.  Our Virginia lawyers represent clients throughout the Hampton Roads area who are going through a divorce, are seeking to adopt a child or are involved in any other family situation requiring an experienced attorney. In every case, we combine skillful legal advocacy with the compassion and personal attention that you deserve.

Caring and comprehensive divorce representation in the Hampton Roads area

Our firm understands the pain and confusion that accompany the end of a marriage. We take great care to protect clients’ rights and provide detailed advice on subjects such as:

  • Grounds — Marriages in Virginia can be dissolved based on traditional fault grounds such as adultery or desertion. No-fault divorces also are available for childless couples who live apart for six months or parents who have been separated for a year.
  • Spousal support — When determining whether someone is entitled to alimony from their former spouse, courts look at the age and earning ability of the parties, the duration of the union, and the couple’s standard of living. The objective is usually to provide payments while the dependent spouse gains the ability to become self-supporting.
  • Property division — Parties who cannot agree on a division of marital assets and debts are subject to a judge’s decision based on the principle of equitable distribution. This means that marital property is allocated based on what the court believes is fair after reviewing various factors, though it is not necessarily an even split. We can present a thorough case to the judge to maximize the likelihood of a fair outcome.

For divorcing spouses and other family law clients, we provide a consultation and offer assistance in several languages.

Accomplished advocates litigate child custody, visitation and support cases

Even when other issues are disputed, we try to reach consensus between parents on legal and physical custody terms. If this cannot be accomplished, we present a strong argument to the court for an order that is in the child’s best interests. Our firm also assists parents in the development of detailed visitation plans and conflicts regarding child support, helping them to seek support modification when changes in financial or other circumstances warrant.

Compassionate counselors assist with surrogacy law and adoptions

Choosing to adopt a child is a life-changing act of love. Unfortunately, legal obstacles can test the patience of even the most dedicated prospective parents. For domestic and international adoptions, our firm provides the information and support you need to keep the process moving smoothly. If you are a married couple looking to bring a child into your home through surrogacy, we will explain the relevant Virginia rules and handle the legal arrangements if you are eligible.

Knowledgeable lawyers draft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

Divorce creates a severe emotional and financial strain. Costly disputes over issues like property division only make things worse. Effective prenuptial and postnuptial agreements give spouses a measure of financial security in case the marriage does not work out. We help husbands and wives draft documents that clearly outline each party’s rights so that they are aware of how a divorce would be resolved.

Contact an experienced Virginia family law attorney for a consultation

Ernest Law Group, PLC assists clients throughout the Hampton Roads area with family law matters. Please call 757-289-2499 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our Virginia Beach office.

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