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Dog bites

Dog bite claims are the subcategory of the premise liability cases. The pets are considered your property, therefore the injuries caused by the pets are covered by the homeowner/rental insurance, regardless of where the accident took place. This type of claims is a lot broader than just dog bites. They include the injuries caused by any pet and by any means (not just bites).

  • Virginia has “one bite” rule for dog bite cases. It means that in order to be liable, the owner of the dog has to know the dog is dangerous or aggressive (meaning the aggressive behavior has happened before).
  • Even if it is unknown whether the dog has exhibited prior aggressive behavior, the owner can still be liable under some circumstances. The dog owners are required by law to use “reasonable care” in restraining and controlling the dog. So, if you can show the owner failed to use reasonable care which led to dog attacking you and causing you injuries, you can still get compensated.
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