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Labor & Employment

Experienced Labor & Employment Lawyers 


At Ernest Law Group, we help employers and individuals navigate the complex world of labor and employment law.  Our lawyers represent clients throughout Hampton Roads who need advice and representation in employment matters.  Our lawyers have over a decade of labor and employment experience including significant trial and arbitration work that makes us uniquely qualified to assist you.


Knowledgeable lawyers advise businesses to avoid costly litigation.  


Our firm understands that most local businesses need legal advice routinely, but not often enough to require a full-time, in-house counsel.  However, you want an attorney who knows and understands your business that you can come to for advice and counsel to prevent an expensive mistake.  That is where we come in.


Ernest Law Group serves as your outside general counsel.  We can help you minimize your risk as an employer from facing costly and time-consuming claims.  These are some of the many issues about which you may need our lawyers’ advice:


  • Employee wages including overtime pay to ensure compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
  • Hiring and discharging employees and counsel regarding discrimination or unemployment claims.
  • Drafting employee handbooks and revising to keep current with changing laws and regulations.
  • Compliance with Title VII, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA).
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts, such as employment, independent contractor, non-compete, and severance agreements.
  • Sexual harassment advice and training.


Call today for a consultation with an experienced labor and employment lawyer and find out what Ernest Law Group can do for your business.


Helping employees understand their rights.


For our individual clients, we protect your right to be free from unlawful discrimination and harassment.  When something happens at work, you need to know if your employer’s actions have violated the laws governing employment and if so, what you can potentially do to protect your rights.  Ernest Law Group can explain to you what your rights are and what your options are when your employer takes an adverse action against you.  Such individual violations may include:


  • Failure to pay you the correct wages, including overtime.
  • Wrongful termination or hostile work environment based on your race, religion, sex, national origin or age, or in retaliation for prior protected activity
  • Mis-classification as an FLSA-exempt employee or an independent contractor.
  • Sexual harassment or pregnancy discrimination.
  • Failure to reasonably accommodate your disability, or discrimination based on your status as disabled.
  • Failure to comply with leave requirements under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).


If you have any questions about what your rights are as an employee and whether those rights have been violated, call Ernest Law Group today for a consultation with an experienced labor and employment lawyer.


Additionally, our lawyers can review and negotiate your employment contracts, such as employment agreements, severance agreements, and agreements not to compete.  If your employer asks you to sign a contract, call Ernest Law Group to have a lawyer review the contract and ensure your rights are protected.


Dedicated, experienced employment litigators when you need one.


While our goal is always to resolve disputes for you quickly, we are ready for trial when that is what you need.  We represent Virginia Businesses and individual employees in state and federal court, arbitration and mediation.  For over a decade, our labor and employment lawyers have zealously represented clients in court, arbitration and administrative proceedings.  We understand the dedication and attention to detail it takes to achieve the best results for our clients in the courtroom.


If you have been sued by an employee or you are an individual who received a Right to Sue notice from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), call Ernest Law Group for a consultation with a labor and employment lawyer.


Significant experience in union arbitration.

Ernest Law Group has unique experience representing unions in union-wide and individual grievances in labor arbitration.  For over five years, our labor and employment lawyers have litigated grievances on behalf of large labor unions, specializing in wage and hour disputes such as recovering unpaid overtime.  Wage and hour laws are complicated, and frequently an individual employee may not even know his rights have been violated.


If you are a union member and have questions about a whether your employer is paying you correctly or you have a pending grievance with which you need assistance, call Ernest Law Group today for a consultation with an experienced labor lawyer.


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