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Category Archives: Personal Injury

Category Archives: Personal Injury

New VA Law Grants An Opportunity To Drive Legally To The Undocumented Residents

Author: Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney Olga Pazilova, Esq.  New VA law grants an opportunity to drive legally to the undocumented residents The new law, passed by the Virginia General Assembly and signed by Governor Northam in July 2020, took effect on January 1, 2021, allows Virginia residents who are not able to meet the […]

What are the insurance policy limits?

Author: Personal Injury Attorney Olga Pazilova, Esq.  Based on my experience talking to people who have been involved in auto accidents, I have noticed that a lot of them don’t know what their own auto insurance policy limits are, what they mean or why they are important. The purpose of this blog post is to […]

The effect of the pandemic on Virginia’s Statute of limitation in Personal Injury cases

Author: Personal Injury Attorney Olga Pazilova, Esq.  Statute of limitation is a law that establishes a strictly enforced time limit on your right to file a suit. It varies depending on the type of legal claim and the state you are in. In Virginia, the statute of limitation for all personal injury claims is 2 […]

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